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Publish Jekyll site without gh-pages branch

Github announced variety of sources of Github Pages is supported in their official blog. It allows developers to publish Github Pages with master branch instead of gh-pages branch. Since this feature, you can publish your Jekyll site without using gh-pages branch and Github Pages deployment now can be much simpler.

Build page on docs directory

First step: Configure build destination.

# _config.yml
destination: ./docs

Now Jekyll pages are built on ./docs directory.

$ jekyll build
Configuration file: /Users/toshimaru/
            Source: /Users/toshimaru/
       Destination: ./docs
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
                    done in 4.078 seconds.
 Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

Yay, you are almost ready to publish the pages.

Use docs instead of gh-pages branch

Last step: Change Github Pages source in your repository setting.

You will see your Github Pages on your own published pages. Happy Jekylling <3

Pro Tip

By using rake, you can deploy your Jekyll site with one command, rake deploy.

# Rakefile
desc 'deploy Jekyll site to Github Pages'
task :deploy do
  sh 'bundle exec jekyll clean'
  sh 'bundle exec jekyll build'
  sh 'git add ./docs'
  sh 'git commit -m \'Update\''
  sh 'git push origin master'

In this task, rake deploy builds Jekyll site and push it to Github for you. This is useful if you’d like to release your site on CI such as TravisCI, CircleCi.

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