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mysqldump command for existing Rails app


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How to export dump.sql using mysqldump

The following command generates dump.sql for existing Rails app.

mysqldump -u {USER_NAME} -h {HOST_NAME} -p --no-create-info --ignore-table=DATABASE_NAME.schema_migrations --ignore-table=DATABASE_NAME.ar_internal_metadata {DATABASE_NAME} > dump.sql


Change following variables depending on your environment.

  • USER_NAME: database user name
  • HOST_NAME: MySQL host name
  • DATABASE_NAME: your rails app database name

Command explanation

--no-create-info flag means do not include CREATE TABLE information. It’s needed because we already have create table information file in Rails schema.rb.

--ignore-table is needed to ignore those two tables.

  • schema_migrations: This table has version information(e.g. 20161205083433)
  • ar_internal_metadata: This table has your Rails app environment information

These are automatically created by Rails, so you don’t need it.

How to import dump.sql

$ bundle exec rails db:reset
$ mysql -u root DATABASE_NAME < ./dump.sql
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