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How to rollback migration in Rails

Rollback last migration

$ rails db:rollback STEP=1

If you specify STEP=2, the last two migrations are rollbacked.

Rollback specific migration

You can rollback a specific migration with db:migrate:down and VERSION=xxxx.

$ rails db:migrate:down VERSION=20200905201547

if you want to run the migration again:

$ rails db:migrate:up VERSION=20200905201547

Check migration status

You can check your migrations are up or down with db:migrate:status.

$ rails db:migrate:status
Status   Migration ID    Migration Name
  up     20190307124026  Create users
  up     20190315090930  Add index to users email
 down    20190315xxxxxx  xxxx

Migration down and up

You can run db:migrate:down and db:migrate:up with one command, which is db:migrate:redo.

$ rails db:migrate:redo VERSION=20200905201547

You can check if a specific migration is reversible. If not, ActiveRecord::IrreversibleMigration error will be raised.


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